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Valentine’s Day is for Vinyl Lovers

February 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Vinyl enthusiasts, listen up! If you’re looking for something different to do this Valentine’s Day, why not take your sweetie to The Black Cat for the D.C. Record Fair?!

That’s where me and my boy will be tomorrow. We’ll be armed with our wish list ready to rifle through crates and more crates of vinyl. Dealers from all over the east coast are making the trek to D.C. to sell their wares and there’s sure to be more than a few gems.

The fair is being sponsored by Som Records on 14th street (love that place) and the blogs The Vinyl District and DC Soul Recordings.

Things kick off at noon and go until 6. Admission is $2. Don’t miss out!

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Music Gays Can Groove To

December 21, 2009 Leave a comment

I missed this last week and then the DC area’s biggest snowstorm in quite some time hit so I’ve been a little busy shoveling out of snow and drinking with friends. What else do you do on a snow day after all.

Zac Rosen of The New Gay put together a pretty fun “Best of 2009…” list.  This one, aptly titled: “The Indie Rock Fag: The 20 Queerest Indie Songs of 2009,” features artists who are either gay or who produce songs that strike a chord with many in the community.

The songs below are featured because they are either quality songs by out gay artists, or straight-penned songs that I feel have gay themes worth bringing above the surface. What unites them is they provide a window to the past, queer or otherwise, that is too often missing in coverage of contemporary gay culture.

My favorite from the list is  Cazwell’s terribly catchy “I Seen Beyonce…” I’ve included the video below. As Rosen puts it, “It slaughters a sacred gay cow.”

It really is a good mix of songs and there are probably a few artists you may not have heard of yet. Enjoy.

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Let the End-of-Year Best-in-Music Countdowns Begin!

December 17, 2009 Leave a comment

It might as well be known that I’m a big music fan. I collect vinyl, new and old alike, and I try to attend as many shows in DC as possible.

Every December, my favorite online radio station, WOXY, puts together its 97 biggest hits of the year and it started today. It’s playing right now.

Here’s a little about how the list is put together:

As in previous years, the 97 Best is determined by airplay. We tabulate all of the DJ’s airplay during our live broadcasts to come up with the list, and feel that’s the best way to accurately reflect the sound of WOXY in 2009. So, make sure you carve out the whole day to listen and see where your favorites land on the list.

When I’m at home I’m usually tuned in to WOXY. Now based in Austin, Texas, the online-only independent rock radio station started out as a terrestrial radio station in 1983 in Ohio. They’ve been playing some of the best and newest rock music ever since.

In 2004, the station went online-only. It was probably one of the smartest moves the station could have made. After all, way more people log on than turn on their radios, if they even have one.

Be sure not to miss one of the web’s best annual events.

Oh, and while I’m at it, you might want to check out NPR’s  “Best Music of 2009”. It was just published today. There are some other cool lists there, too, so you’re sure to find something you like.

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