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Netroots Nation 2010 Recap: Intro

You may have noticed from the previous post’s date that I wrote it last Thursday, but that I’m only now just recapping my experience there.

While my experiences with blogging have evolved, I still think a vital part of any successful blog (and I use that term liberally) worth reading accepts as the premise that one should post on a semi-regular basis. I try to keep to this, though my archive doesn’t necessarily reflect it. Still, my excitement over going, as my first Netroots post shows, was partly because of the amount of blogging I would be doing while there.

Cut to day one of the LGBT Pre-conference event. I was a little tired after arriving at 1 a.m. west coast, but I was jazzed and ready to go! Wi-fi service wasn’t free on this day as Netroots hadn’t actually started yet, so I paid for it. I was happy to.

That’s when the connection I had just purchased only an hour or so earlier suddenly went out. Never to return for the rest of the day. Drat. It was fine, though. I just decided to update on the 22nd, Thursday, the first day of the conference. It would be free, too.

Imagine my horror when the connection still wouldn’t return! I managed to catch it a couple of times, but it would never last. There was a point that day, though, where I managed to get a signal for a good while. Then my computer, Tiffany, started freaking out on me. I know she’s an old Mac, but I thought she’d hold up fine. Nope. I guess Tiffany had had enough because she refused to cooperate and shut down my browser and started what I call “hiccuping”. The menu bar just flashes and I have to force quit.

I get it, Tiff. You want to retire. I need a new computer. Oy.

The entire conference was plagued with technical issues for others besides myself and Tiffany only compounded a bad situation. I just had to accept that my first bloggers conference would have to go blogpost-free until I got home. Go figure.

I was able to Tweet my time there, so check out my Twitter feed on the lower right or on the website, for some pretty fun Tweeting. Searching hashtag #nn10 should yield some good stuff from the whole conference, too.

The “Encouraging Signs” post was written last Thursday, but as soon as I clicked “Save Draft”, Tiffany shutdown and I pretty much gave up. I wasn’t even sure it had been saved. Imagine my surprise when I get home to start my post-conference blogging and I see the post saved and ready to go. I’m especially glad because I am exhausted and had to return to my full-time job. This beauty needs rest.

Consider that post the prologue to upcoming posts over the course of this week about my time at Netroots Nation 2010: Las Vegas.

Look for another recap tomorrow, this time on Day 1 and so on.

I walked away with some new thoughts on where the progressive movement should be going. I’ll also have more thoughts on how the LGBT and Latino communities can rally around immigration reform as well as some pretty funny-ass stories involving mohawks, a Tequila Caucus and, of course, Chippendales.

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  1. July 29, 2010 at 3:05 pm
    • dciii
      July 29, 2010 at 3:11 pm

      Awesome picture, Nezua! I’m looking forward to the next one.

      Oh, and nice video today, too! I’m glad you got the footage of Weignant and that interview with Yahaira. Those stories need to be told.

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